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Hotel&Resort is one of the most popular holiday spots in the western hemisphere that provides all inclusive vacation packages to luxury hotels. Still, this Costa Rica is not visited yet by a very large number of tourists, probably because there aren’t present so many casino and fancy beach resorts as in other Caribbean countries. Despite to this fact, travelers who like adrenaline, adore adventure tours or practicing leisure activities outdoor (we even have follow me drones for improving your outdoor experience) find in Costa Rica a terrestrial paradise for taking delight in vacations in Central America!

Costa Rica has a unique natural charm, tall mountains, and friendly people. Where else are so many pristine sandy beaches and large tropical forests teeming by unique species of monkeys, colorful birds, and tropical butterflies? In which other country the spectacular sights are common due to the high volcano ranges dotted with deep lakes and wild streams? In fact, Costa Rica is peerless!

A big part of the country features mountains with lofty peaks, thick rainforests, and idyllic hills. Like in most regions in Central America, many roads are not paved andas consequence voyagers taking land tours or relishing adventure vacations in Costa Rica in the rainy season could have some problems on the way, especially if haven’t rented a 4-wheel drive car.

header740-costaricavacationsDue to the location in the central region, the capital city of San Jose is a good holiday spot to stay in Costa Rica, being a proper base from where can be taken all inclusive tours to volcano mountains or other regions situated both on the Pacific and Caribbean sides. San Jose offers many things to do, but travelers often avoid it, choosing instead to head from the airport straight to seashores (particularly to those of the North Pacific & Caribbean coasts) or rainforests. Perhaps the capital isn’t considered by many a beautiful or very interesting city, still it features a few tourist attractions and provides truly excellent accommodation in some of the best hotels in Costa Rica and Central America!

The climate in Costa Rica is excellent year-round, the health care is inexpensive and of a very high quality. Foreign owners of holiday rentals enjoy the same rights as locals and still there can be found properties at very affordable prices, therefore many Americans stay nowaday in their own homes. Instead of vacation homes some U.S. citizens buy timeshare properties in Costa Rica also, so as to avoid the hassle of maintenance. Many other people from North America take adventure trips and sightseeing tours (often including landmarks located in more countries in the region), and relish comfortable lodging in high-end resorts and hotels, both on the seaside and in the mountainous regions.

Because the popularity of this Central American country is increasing continuously, more and more foreign guests book all inclusive vacation packages to accommodations settled on tranquil beaches (especially on the Nicoya Peninsula, in the province of Guanacaste, on the Pacific side), in the Volcano Arenal region, or other mountainous zones covered by rainforest like the Monteverde area!

The Whale Tail

Costa Rica Records a Rise in Filming Drones

There is an incursion of Drones in Costa Rica, and it’s been so far so good because it has resulted in its application to every sphere of life. It has also led to a resurgence in aerial photography and filming within the country, something drone operators and aerial photographers who love drones with camera find irresistible.

Brothers Giancarlo and Sergio Pucci have two passions in common; photography and flying. In the last couple of years, they have flown for countless hours with the aim of building an aerial photographic record that demonstrates what passengers of domestic airlines like Nature Air already recognize: Costa Rica looks very beautiful from the ground, but she looks amazing from the air.

The Pucci brothers, in conjunction with writer Sergio Gamboa, have created a definitive coffee table book, called Costa Rica Aérea, which means Costa Rica From Above. Written in Spanish and English, the book covers 300 pages and features 270 magnificent aerial photographs that depict Costa Rica in ways never seen before.

In another breath, conservationists at an international non-profit organization for conservation known as the Leatherback Trust, which protects Leatherback turtles and other species of sea turtle from extinction, released a rare drone footage showing a female olive ridley sea turtle swimming away from the beach in Costa Rica. The event was recorded in Las Baulas National Park, a secure nesting sanctuary for endangered and large leatherback turtles, even though the pacific olive ridleys which are much smaller also enjoy nesting at Las Baulas.

The Leatherback Trust’s drone footage is so rare because it was filmed on a sunny, gorgeous day, and olive ridleys and a lot of other sea turtles are exceptionally nocturnal in their nesting habits; so in view of this, a lot of Costa Rican beaches have banned artificial lighting around the coastline.

Also, drones are to be used in the delivery of drugs to remote areas of Costa Rica. In an initiative that is billed to start in 2017, eight communities in the remote parts of Costa Rica are billed to receive medicines through drones courtesy of a new program to be executed by the public health authority.

It is expected that the use of drones for sale will reduce the wait time for getting drugs after a customer places an order to 45 minutes. At present, the waiting period for drugs in remote areas ranges anywhere between several hours and three days.